Politicians are typically more of a problem than a solution. Amazon is considering locations to put their world HQ and Newark is in contention. Imagine 50,000 new jobs created in a city that has suffered for so many decades. Chris Christie, Ras Baraka and Cory Booker all lined up to offer billions in tax incentives to get the online retail giant to our area.

Unfortunately Democratic LG candidate Sheila Oliver thinks the plan could be better and doesn't want to rush into anything. Is she kidding? People can't pay the bills and feed their kids on political plans. They need a job. And there's bipartisan consensus on how to deliver for them. Time for Sheila Oliver to look up from the partisan talking points and help bring jobs to our backyard.

It's outrageous that Oliver thinks there's a better deal out there. Any delay and Amazon will surely look past us. It's amazing that with the huge tax and regulatory burden that New Jersey is even in the running.  She has no better plan. Murphy clearly has no plan. He's been basically hiding from the media for days as the polls tighten and Guadagno gains momentum. Murphy's only stated plan is to raise taxes. Definitely not the recipe to bring back cities like Newark.  We need jobs and we need them now. As Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno helped facilitate tremendous growth in private sector jobs despite a very poor business climate championed by the Democratic majority in both houses of the legislature in Trenton.

Your vote matters on November 7th. There should be no debate on the need to bring jobs to our cities. When you can get political leaders so far apart on philosophy to agree, you can be sure you've got something that can work.

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