Thank God our Governor has a sense of humor. I thought about this all day and whether  or not  I should do it. I mean, I was wearing it under my shirt, hadn’t told anyone about it, so I could have aborted the gag and no one would have known.

To make it worse, by the time I got to work I the controversy of Gov. Chris Christie referring to Assemblyman Reed Gusciora as “numbnuts” that way for having called the governor a segregationist had made global news, even popping up on Indian news sites. By the time the Governor was rolling into the NJ 101.5 compound a ton of news media from New York and Philadelphia was milling about outside the studios. Did I dare still do it? Would he take it good natured as it was intended?

7 p.m. rolls around. We sign off our show. During the news just minutes before Ask The Governor was to start I cross paths in a very crowded room with Governor Christie. I decide to do it. Heart pounding, having no idea how he’d take it, I say to Christie, a man who was touted as the best hope for a GOP Presidential candidate, “With your permission Governor, I’d like to show you something,” and I start unbuttoning my shirt. His security detail is everywhere, no doubt scrutinizing me. Christie is looking at me like "Who’s this idiot about to disrobe in front of me?" Then I pull open the shirt to show him my homemade t-shirt idea, saying, “I thought we could maybe sell these down at the Statehouse?” Thank God, he laughed. He even made a joke back about donating the money to a charity, then talked about the numbnuts story and how nobody has a sense of humor anymore, something he’d repeat minutes later with Eric Scott on Ask The Governor.

Thank you, Governor for not making me feel like a complete tool.