Thursday's high temperatures reached the mid to upper 80s, as warm as 88 at Newark Liberty International Airport.  Today will be around 90 or so, with some relief at the beaches. 

We'll have sun,  hot and humid weather all day.  I think the earliest chance of a shower or gusty thunderstorm will not be until later this afternoon or early evening, which means the big Atlantic City Airshow which ends in the afternoon should be okay.

A thunderstorm threat this evening will be tapering off and then expect some showers overnight.  Temperatures will be in the upper 60s to mid 70s.

Now the forecast is a difficult challenge tomorrow.  One forecast model has us drying out throughout the day, another has us pretty wet.  I lean toward the wet one. I'm not exactly confident of this though. The call for now is that some showers may be around for much of Saturday. 

Low 80s, and a bit cooler near the ocean.

Sunday should be partly cloudy with highs back in the lower 80s.