Being a great owner to your dog offers many rewards. Dogs have an amazing way of showing love and loyalty to their owners without needing much in return. Making sure your dog is healthy and in great spirits is key to your dog's wellness and longevity. Caring and spending time with your dog, attending to his or her health needs, and providing appropriate shelter are just some of the simple ways to keep your dog happy. Thanks to our friends at the Canine Fence Company, here are some tips to keep your dog as happy and healthy as they can be!

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Providing a roof over your dog's head with adequate space is essential. Most dogs enjoy their own space inside the home, so it's important that they their bedding is cushioned, clean, and dry and that they have enough space to move and switch to comfortable positions as they rest. For the dogs who prefer spending all of their time outdoors, a "doghouse" with proper bedding is best. Always be aware of the temperature outside when leaving your dog in the yard for long periods of time.

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Don't always settle for the cheapest food or whatever is on sale for your dog. Dogs who are fed higher quality brands that provide more nutritious ingredients ultimately have longer, healthier lives. While many vets argue over which brand is best, most agree that better food served at the correct amount has several benefits around proper weight, a fuller coat, less infections, and overall great health. Also, make sure you give your dog plenty of fresh clean water throughout each day.

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Use your dog's energy (wisely). Keeping your dog happy and on its best behavior often requires more than just a quick walk around the block whenever works best for you. Taking your dog for a long walk at the park, jogging with your dog, and playing fetch and other various games are all great ways to give your dog the exercise he needs. Remember, different breeds have an innate difference in energy levels, so be sure to get your vet's advice if you are just beginning an exercise routine for your dog.

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Happy dogs are healthy dogs. Maintaining good hygiene for your dog and routinely visiting the veterinarian are crucial to your dog's health. Keeping her clean welcomes her to more petting from people and more importantly prevents further health problems. It's during these regular check-ups that the veterinarian can properly diagnose and treat any problems, and offer great advice and tips to further maintain your dog's good health.


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As social animals, dogs need companionship just as humans do. Designating time each day to spend with your dog puts him in happy spirits and allows for necessary bonding that he desires. Dogs love safe horseplay, belly rubs, and tug of war games. Reviewing tricks such as "paw" and "sit" while providing positive reinforcement are great ways to build your dog's self esteem, showing him that he is an important, loved member of the family.

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