Forbes has published this year’s 400 wealthiest Americans list, and 4 of those 400 live right here in New Jersey. Let’s meet them.

Topping the 4 is Somerset County resident Donald Newhouse. If the name sounds familiar that’s because he’s the co-owner of Newhouse Publications, a media conglomerate which owns not only the Star Ledger but many other newspapers across the country. At 83, his worth is $8.2 billion, putting him at 52 on the 400 list.

Then there’s hedge fund investor David Tepper who resides in Livingston. The 53 year old married father of three has a net worth of $7.9 billion and is a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. 53rd on the Fortune list. Yeah, I think I bumped into him at the Dollar Tree the other night.

Then tied for 166th on the list are Leon G. Cooperman, 70, and Peter Kellog, 71. The both scrape by making ends meet with only $3 billion each residing in the Short Hills section of Millburn.

Who’s the richest in the country? Still Bill Gates with $72 billion.