It played just once...during the "Big Game" on January 22, 1984.

I was in the den at my college dorm, watching the game with my floor mates, when the spot came on.

Being a communications major, I felt that the "Big Brother" ad would revolutionize TV commercials (turning some into "mini-movies"). I was right.

The computer majors among us knew that their Radio Shack TRS-80s ("Trash 80s") were instantly obsolete. They were right.

I'm no "techie," I gave up trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technology a while back...but even I know that your new iPhone has TONS more speed and storage and capability than that first "mac" could even dream about.

And, while its now an "armchair" sport to rate the commercials in the "Big Game," and then talk about them at work the next day...

THIS spot is still talked about...30 years later!

By the way...tonight, advertisers are shelling out $4 million for each 30 second commercial! That's the cost of airtime alone...don't forget to add in the cost of producing the spot!

Enjoy those newest (expensive) creative commercials...and Jersey's Super Game!