This morning was fueled by much discussion surrounding religious and political indignation. We discussed Atheist imposing their atheism on Clayton Borough. We even had Senator Jennifer Beck join us in studio to candidly discuss a plan that would avoid a gas tax,  voting no for an Atlantic City takeover and whether she is contemplating running for governor.

Stop being #FakeOffended

Recently an Atheist group called into question Clayton Borough's seal that says “Clayton a Good Place to Live and Play, Work and Pray.”  The seal depicts a family on the roof, a guy fishing, a factory, family under a roof and an outline of a church. This atheist group is going after the Clayton seal because of the church with a cross in front of it. I am so sick and tired of atheists who want to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. Are you having the same reaction as I am? Should the town of Clayton be forced to change their town seal based on a complaint from an atheist group? Cast your vote below on our Twitter poll.

There will always be someone out there that will make you feel they are offended. It is not about the intention, but it's the reality. People need to stop being #FakeOffended. Listen to my full Atheist rant below.

Senator Jennifer Beck candidly talks about gas tax, AC takeover, and more

Senator Jennifer Beck joined us in studio today to candidly discuss the proposed gas tax, why she's opposed to an Atlantic City state takeover and whether or not she has contemplated running for governor.

The final question I had for Senator Beck was whether she was contemplating a run for governor.  If you were hoping the senator would throw her hat in the ring, you may be disappointed in the answer we received.

Atlantic City State Takeover is an Outrage

The idea of the state of New Jersey suing Atlantic City is an outrage. Let's thank Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian for doing everything we ask for.

Watch my rant about a proposed state takeover and a lawsuit against the city below.

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