The start of the week heated up with discussion of a possible NJ Transit Strike, NJ actor Carlo Bellario facing more prison time for an airsoft gun, and Donald Trump leaving South Carolina as the undisputed winner.

Carlo Bellario facing up to 10 years

Law and Order actor and comedian, Carlo Bellario is facing a potential of 10 years in prison for carrying an airsoft gun on the set of a movie. Although, the director failed to get a permit for the set of the movie, Carlo will be the one facing charges because the airsoft gun was in his possession.

"Apparently, the information that I received from the attorney  that they are not happy with all the media I am receiving. Just when I thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel, now it just seems to be getting worse. All the stress and anxiety, I wound up in the hospital the other night," Carlo stated.

Assemblyman minority and republican leader, John Bramnick hears the show and calls in to change the legislature on the Graves Act. Check on how you can impact this case by going to Carlo's Go Fund Me page below.

NJ Transit

Is it time to get government out of New Jersey railways?  Right now NJ Transit has a budget of more than $2 billion yet they only take in about $1 billion from fares...the rest? Yup you guessed it, taxpayers.  Meanwhile, in Tokyo and Hong Kong private rail systems manage to turn a profit, and get people where they need to go...delays in Tokyo? Are only 18 seconds.  Yes you read that right. Listen to more of my rant about NJ Transit strike below.

Donald Trump's undisputed victory in South Carolina

The race to succeed President Barack Obama is well underway. New York Times best- -selling-author, Roger Stone weighs in on Donald Trump's "antiestablishment pool."  Stone believes that Trump's overwhelming victory is a sign that America is ready for change.  You can listen to the conversation I had with Roger Stone below.

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