NJ actor and comedian Carlo Bellario called in to the show today to discuss the insane legal issue he is now facing.

Bellario was filming a movie and during a scene, his character was pretending to hold an air soft gun out a car window at someone. After the scene, when they returned to the staging area, police came to the area and found Bellario still in possession of the gun and was arrested.

"There were 8-10 of us there that day but I was the only one arrested," Bellario said.  Air soft guns and BB guns are looked at as firearms in NJ under the Graves act. So Bellario falls under the same rule as someone who doesn't have a license for a firearm regardless of whether the gun was real or not.

"When this happened in November I figured this was gonna blow over. I said 'there's no way, they're gonna realize this and they're gonna say ok, you know what, we'll drop the charges. Then I got through the holidays and people started talking to me and then it really hit me that I could do 5-10 years for this, " Bellario stated.

Listen to the entire mind-boggling story that will make you shake your head in the clip above.

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