I know this is putting the cart before the proverbial horse, but if everything plays out the way it’s being predicted with the Governor winning by 20 points or more over Senator Barbara Buono; the national GOP will be taking a good hard look at the Governor as a presidential candidate.

And with good reason.

Assuming the Democrats put in a candidate with the cache of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Republicans will be hard pressed to find a candidate with equal cache.
Winning a gubernatorial election by 20 or more points in a traditionally “blue state” would certainly turn their heads.

And while Rand Paul’s name has come up, as has Senator Marco Rubio’s, the GOP would be committing suicide by not including the Governor for their consideration.

In fact, the GOP would be committing suicide to not consider a more moderate, mainstream Republican to counter all the extreme voices in the party.

As it turns out, the first volley of the 2016 Presidential campaign was fired off yesterday when NY Senator Chuck Schumer implored Clinton to “run, Hillary, run!”

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential prospects got a big hometown boost Saturday when Sen. Chuck Schumer told an Iowa crowd: “Run, Hillary, run!”

“It’s time for a woman to be president,” Schumer (D-NY) told a crowd of Democratic faithful at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Des Moines — a key event on the presidential-candidate circuit.

“That’s why I am urging Hillary Clinton to run for president and, when she does, she will have my full and unwavering support,” Schumer declared — using language strongly suggesting Clinton will jump into the race.

Although Clinton has been coy about her future since leaving the administration at the beginning of the year, Schumer, a longtime ally, didn’t hold back, saying: “2016 is Hillary’s time. And our nation will be all the better for it,” according to prepared remarks.

Schumer made his surprising declaration at the same annual dinner, and in the same venue, where Barack Obama stunned the crowd during the 2008 campaign with his own rousing speech, dramatically upstaging Clinton.
He didn’t lay claim to being an official surrogate for Clinton – or say that she knew he would be calling for her to jump into the race.

A source said Schumer doesn’t have advance knowledge of Clinton’s plans and didn’t give Clinton a heads-up on his speech. “He’s making the endorsement tonight in hopes that it will help encourage her to end up running,” said the source.

But Schumer’s unwavering tone is certain to be interpreted in DC — and among influential delegates, county chairs, and activists in Iowa and elsewhere — as meaning that she’s girding to run again.

Ms. Clinton’s name being brought up now shouldn’t surprise anyone. Keeping a hold on the White House for another 4 or perhaps even 8 years would be a safe bet should she run.

If anything, it just moves up the timetable for the national Republicans to look over their options; and for the Governor and his staff to get to work for a run in 2016 - should it be in the cards.

I’m betting it is.

But realizing it’s way too soon to even make that prediction, who would get your vote?