A 16-year-old from South Jersey has been denied use of medical marijuana by a judge to help control her seizures sparking an impassioned social media discussion.

That didn't sit well with a lot of our audience members.

We went looking around online — on our Facebook page, in responses to our Twitter feed (@nj1015), and in the comments section of our earlier story — and found most of you in the girl's corner.

In his ruling, Administrative Law Judge John Kennedy said the Maple Shade school district and the Larc School in Bellmawr are mandated to comply with a state law designed to ban drug use in school zones. The girl's father plans to appeal the ruling

A sampling of comments to the NJ 101.5 Facebook page and via Twitter:

VTortora: I just do not understand why if it works they don't give it. I'm sure if she had money ...

alaimoa Move to Colorado and self medicate

Bretstang Lighten up ... if her doctor thinks this is the right protocol then let it happen.

Ian Horowitz-Imantickets What we have here clearly is an ignorant judge not understanding the difference between pot and medical marijuana. Judge needs to spend a few days with families who's kids so desperately need the cbd medicine.

Carrie Frank: Problem is, they probably can't even take it up the lines in court. Under federal law, cannabis is not a legal form of medication. The federal law needs to be fixed, at least to allow the non smoked forms, in the very least. Does t even matter what NJ law is.

Nancy Brady: Obviously the judge is against medical marijuana. This is wrong. The father is right to appeal.

Noreen Staples: Legalize it, get people out of jail.. .... Move on. It needs to classified as medicine AND recreational!!! Obviously minors should not take it unless for medical reasons. Most of us won't partake anyway. Nuff said.

Chris Philhower: I guess my question is, What Doctor prescribes Marijuana to a child in the first place? I think the parents just want the kid mellowed out. How many kids have problems sitting still in class? I'm betting lots to some degree.

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A judge has ruled that a NJ teen cannot use medical marijuana in school to help control a seizure disorder. Do you agree or disagree with the court's decision?

Posted by New Jersey 101.5 on Tuesday, August 11, 2015