Every summer my two older kids go to Florida for visitation with their mother. The other day I found out my oldest son had been bit by a spider and the bite was infected. He goes to a camp during the day, but it didn't necessarily happen there.

It's Florida, land of gators and palmetto bugs the size of your fist and all kinds of critters, so it could have happened anywhere.

At first I figured it was no big deal, but then he sent me this picture of his leg. He has a cheap flip phone so the picture quality is what it is, but it's enough that you can see it's an open wound that looks like the flesh is being eaten away.

If you look closely you can see the swelling goes beyond the wound itself and looks to be spreading. I've heard some real horror stories about spider bites. These have led to amputations. Nothing to mess with.

Adding to my concern is he didn't get on an antibiotic for five days.

I suppose for every spider bite horror story you hear there are hundreds where everything turns out just fine ... Right?

Please, someone tell me that's right and I'm just being paranoid.

— Jeff Deminski

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