The journey of a million miles starts with one step. Isn’t that the way the expression goes?
For some of us – we never attempt to take that journey, especially if it means making a major transformation.

We’re too worried about the effort we’ll have to expend.

One Yardville man knew that he needed to take that journey and transform himself – if only to be better able to take care of his family.

Yardville-resident Ron Lenczewski was 50 pounds overweight and suffering from all kinds of stomach problems, until his family urged him to join a fitness program. When a friend urged him to do a Tough Mudder event, he knew he’d never be able to compete in the shape he was in – so he decided to invest in a fitness program.

The results began to show.

Soon he was able to take on not only the Tough Mudder, but other challenges as well. And this Saturday, he’ll be taking part in Englishtown’s Rugged Maniac.

This from a guy who a couple of years ago was 50 pounds heavier than he is now.

Rugged Maniac's chief operating officer, Rob Dickens told the Trentonian:  “It is challenging but it serves as motivation for people to get in shape for it, but also serves as motivation for people, who are not in the best shape, but they want to be physically active. It serves as the first step for some and for others, it is the final step.”

Lenczewski told the newspaper his major motivation is good health.

His story is not unique, but if anything, it should serve as an inspiration that no matter what the challenge, it can be overcome with the right mindset.

Have you made a total body transformation, and how did you accomplish it?

We’d love to know.