According to WJZ in Baltimore, a Yankees fan is in critical condition after getting into it with 2 Baltimore Orioles fans at Camden Yards in Baltimore.


Matthew Fortese was allegedly sucker-punched after verbal exchanges during the majority of a recent Baltimore Orioles games with 21-year-old Michael Bell and 22-year-old Gregory Fleischman. Witnesses told the police that they saw Bell and Fleischman sucker-punch Fortese after taunting him for the majority of the game, primarily because he was wearing Yankees gear. Fortese sustained the injuries after confronting the two men, then being hit and falling over a railing and hitting his head.

To make matters worse, as Fortese was lying on the ground, bleeding from his brain, Bell and Fleischman were seen spitting on Fortese.

The frantic moments after the fight were caught on a cell phone video you can watch below.

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