It looks like we could be losing another casino in Atlantic City. Trump Plaza could be closing its doors in September, joining The Showboat and possibly Revel.

State Senator Jim Whelan called this “potentially overwhelming.”  Between the closing of The Showboat,  and the potential closings of Trump Plaza and Revel, Whelan says: “More than 6,000 people would be out of work. That’s a depression.”

So where are these people, who have trained and worked in New Jersey all these years supposed to go? What if we built another casino in another part of new Jersey? The time has come to expand. The idea of only putting casinos in Atlantic City became obsolete when other states started building casinos in both Pennsylvania and New York. There are talks of a casino in Jersey City, why not put the idea into action?

How about we build a casino in Camden? Right outside where Philadelphia already has three: Sugar House, Harrah’s, and Valley Forge. Maybe they should put it next to the new Sixers facility to create jobs that will be taken by New Jersey people instead of those who already hold them in Philadelphia.

We need to build more casinos - it doesn't matter where you put them, or whether or not it will benefit Atlantic City.

Casinos started off as good idea that brought Atlantic City a lot of money. Now, it’s time to spread the wealth across New Jersey.

Would you like to see more casinos around the Garden State? If so where?