It might seem like an easy answer, but two thirds of Australian men said they would think twice before helping a child in distress. The reason? They’re afraid of being accused of being a pervert. Many years ago, at my son’s hockey practice, I noticed the coach’s son, who couldn’t have been more than four, open the door to the rink and walk out the double glass doors into the lobby.

I know the coach didn’t see him, but I did. I went out to the lobby, which was more akin to an arcade with all the video games, and found the youngster, with his skates still on, sitting in front of a race car video game. I asked him if he wanted to go back in the arena and he said no. I decided he was too close to the exit doors that led into the parking lot, so I picked him up, intending to carry him back inside the arena where his father was. When I picked him up, he started yelling, “You’re not my daddy!” very loudly. I knew people were looking at me, but I figured if it were my kid I would want someone to return him, so I just let them stare and I deposited him back in the arena and he went back on the ice. I’m sure at least some of the people in the lobby still think I’m a perv.