Imagine if you could lower your property tax while increasing your police force? That’s a reality that was rejected in Somerset County

The reason being totally territorial, the wealthy towns worry that the police would focus on the bigger municipalities with more crime, while the bigger municipalities worry that the new cops wouldn’t understand their communities. Since change is a constant in life, I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for both the town and the cop to acclimate.


It would seem to make sense that the police go to where there is crime. If that’s occurring in the small towns, they’ll be there, especially since the force will increase. It would also get more out of the police if while all is quiet on the wealthy front, they could be put to use keeping the peace in the city.


The plan in Somerset would not only have added force, but not laid anyone off. That’s not the case in Camden where no more than half of the city’s 270 police officers will be hired for their new county division.


If property taxes are ever going to be seriously lowered changes in the system are going to have to be made. This plan seems to me to be a win-win.

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