Jim was discussing a very disturbing story this morning about NJ contractor, William T. Muzzio Jr. who admitted to removing asbestos from a Union County daycare center, various NJ schools and homes, without being properly licensed .

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Muzzio, owner of Citadel Environmental Consultants, has pleaded guilty to operating an unlicensed business and will be sentenced on June 27th.

Many listeners heard Jim talking about this story and had called in asking  for the specific places where contractor William T. Muzzio had removed asbestos from.

According to the article from MarryAnn Spoto on NJ.com, listed below are the places that Muzzio had removed asbestos from.

- Townley School in Union Township

- Union Middle School in Hampton

- Hatchery Hill School, Hackettstown

- Willow Grove School, Hackettstown

- John Marshall Elementary in Edison


Muzzio also admitted doing work in 12 homes in Middlesex, Union, Morris, Essex, Hudson and Ocean counties.