The commencement speaker at Willie P gave a speech in which she asked the question…. Is what you do more important than how much money you make?

So take the Posse Poll below:

Is what you do more important than how much money you make?

According to this:

An Obama administration official,.. Maria Otero…who’s the first Latino undersecretary to serve in the State Department told 2,772 new graduates at William Paterson University’s 189th commencement ceremonies to ask themselves tough questions such as, is what you do more important than how much money you make?

She said…“What you do is never as important as who you are,” “The degree is part of it. It says what you have achieved. … But degrees don’t certify us as human beings.”

She told the graduates to take risks sometimes in defiance of their elders because “adults like the status quo.”

"Blah....biddy blah....biddy blahhhh!"

But in all that, I take one kernel of wisdom.

Perhaps that of following what you really want to do in life, as being the priority over making money!

My daughter graduated Willie P back in 2003.

We always encouraged her to follow her dream..whatever that was.

That’s why she went to Willie P in the first place.

I’d found out that they had a very good department for anyone wanting to venture into the world of music production and business.

And I’m proud to say that she’s accomplished quite a bit in her career.

And more importantly, in the next chapter in her life, as a wife and mother!

So even though she wasn’t as lucky to have as commencement speaker someone of the stature of Ms. Otero…the lesson she imparted upon this year’s graduating class resonated with my daughter 9 years prior.

So question to you….what’s your priority…what you do…or how much money you make?