I always say I'm not going to watch them. I usually give the same reasons every year, too.

  • The performances are going to be terrible.
  • I hate all of the songs/artists/albums nominated for most of the categories.
  • It's such a waste of time, what's the point?
  • Too many commercials.
  • If I have to hear Justin Bieber sing one more time, I'm just going to stop listening to music altogether.
  • Who cares?

This year is not too different from other years. But I didn't bother saying I won't watch it. I already know I'm going to end up tuning in. Because why not? The Knicks are off. The Rangers game ended about an hour ago, which they won by the way! Not to mention, football ended last week.

Besides, I work in radio. It's always fun to see which award winners actually remember to thank us! We do, after-all, play a pretty big part in getting their music heard by the masses. Fun fact: The country music group, Lady Antebellum seem to be the only ones who remember!

So, are you like me, and will be watching later tonight? Or, will you skip it and hear about it Monday morning? Poll below.