Here’s a fact about this championship weekend that you may not have thought of.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Did you know that both games will be hosted in states where marijuana is legal? In fact, you can even buy strains named for NFL players! Then in 2 weeks, the Super Bowl will be played in a state that allows medical marijuana.

Unfortunately, if you’re a player, the NFL it does you no good because marijuana is on the list of banned substances. That could change one day since the NFL has franchises in 20 states including New Jersey that allows legal marijuana. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t rule out medical marijuana use in the future  but his recent vague comments hardly swung the door wide open.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Players like the Bronco’s Von Miller and the Giants Will Hill still get suspended for using marijuana. But what about the pain relieving effects of pot as opposed to addicting narcotics of Oxycontin? Would Brett Farve not have had an addiction to pain killers that almost led to his death if he had simply been allowed to smoke a joint?

Bringing it closer to home, would you have a problem if your high school or college athlete used marijuana as a pain killer? Do you think that one day we’ll see legal marijuana use in sports?