Okay, so I admit it. In the past, I have found myself attracted to Governor Christie in that bad boy way. And I didn't like when he was playing nice.

I couldn't stand his soft side. So now that he's going back to his roots to be the name-calling, mudslinging, just spew-the-words-without-editing guy that he is, I'm back in love with him. I mean, did you hear what he said about Senator Ray Lesniak on last night's Ask the Governor?

Like I was with Donald Trump, it could be just my hatred for political correctness and the tidiness of most politicians. Maybe I just have a thing for bullies! Or maybe I have a different definition of what bullying is! Whatever it is, it's refreshing.

I love when our esteemed governor calls people names. To me, it's real, raw, and honest.

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