Before Dennis and Judi explain why they hate the World Cup, for any soccer fans that are truly excited and looking forward to the upcoming event, God Bless you and enjoy.

Kevin Cox/Getty Images

Dennis and Judi don't get all the hype surrounding the 2014 World Cup. There are so many millions of soccer fans around the world that wait anxiously every four years for the World Cup to come around. Dennis and Judi? Yeah, not so much.

If you're wondering why Dennis and Judi can't get into soccer, here's the article that did it. A story in the Daily Mail was published in July 2013, of a referee who was BEHEADED by angry fans and put his head on a stake. Oh by the way, the beheading came after fans became enraged with the referee for STABBING a player one of the competing teams.

Can you remind us what exactly is enjoyable about this sport again? For those of you who are excited about the 2014 World Cup, here's a cool video of some amazing soccer tricks, previewing the World Cup. Enjoy!