Joe Votruba's a big Bruce Springsteen fan. He attended the Boss' four-hour concert at MetLife Stadium Tuesday — not Joe's first Bruce show, and it certainly won't be his last. He loves that Bruce never forgets his roots. He loves the energy Bruce brings to every show. He loves that Bruce keeps it real.

New Jersey 101.5 News Director Eric Scott ... doesn't.

Last-minute tickets for Springsteen's River tour dates this week and next week went on sale Monday. Surprisingly, there's still a few tickets left for Thursday, Aug. 25 Tuesday, Aug. 30.

According to Pollstar’s ranking of 2016 concerts through July, the River tour is the top tour of the year around the world taking in $170 million and selling 1.5 million tickets in North America.

But Eric still thinks Bruce is a ... well, you'll just have to see.

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