So now that Tom Coughlin has resigned as head coach of the Giants, who would you like to see take over the reigns?

My personal choice would be offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo. The organization, as well as quarterback Eli Manning, think very highly of him. His offense has given Manning significant success and can only get better. He’s very organized and regarded by some as a young Andy Reid, who also started as a quarterback coach in Green Bay. Having Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning on your resume can’t be all bad.

You also don’t want to wait for the growing pains of a new head coach to prolong winning, especially with a quarterback who turned 35 on Sunday. With McAdoo you hit the ground running with your offense growing. Add some defensive play-makers and things could turn around quicker than you may think. This year the story with the Giants was "close but no cigar" as in losing leads due to lack of finishing. Hopefully the general manager will get the new head coach that he and the players need to get over the hump.

Who would you like to see coach the Giants?

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