Today, Bill and I are debating what is a sport and what is not. A lot of these competitions in the Olympics would not be considered a sport in any other setting. Personally, I think the debate goes deeper than just the Olympic Games. For example, I don't consider golf or bowling a sport, while a lot of others do.

I understand how difficult it is to be a consistently good golfer. Tiger Woods deserves as much credit as possible for putting together a career like he has. However, what he does is not a sport.

Why do I not think golf is a sport? It's simple. When I think of sports, I think of one person or team versus another person or team. Tennis? Sport. Badminton? Sport. Football? Obviously a sport. When you watch the PGA Tour on TV, you're watching one person play a round of golf, and then seeing if another person can manage to get a lower score in their round of golf.

Meanwhile in baseball, you're watching two teams play against each other for nine innings. There's offensive and defensive strategy involved, and what one team does directly effects the opposition.

Let's look at the Olympics. To me, it's very obvious which ones are actually sports and which ones aren't. Take our poll below and let us know which Olympic Games you think are sports. We'd also love to hear what your theory is on what constitutes a sport and what doesn't in our comment section below.