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1) Where’s the outrage over Death Race 2012, Chris? Hello? Is this thing on? [POLL]

2) Cherry Hill Superintendent Maureen Reusche says that the staffers who were caught verbally abusing a 10 year old autistic boy are no longer staffers. Kid's dad isn't satisfied! Do you think enough was done? [POLL]

3) Survey out that says there’s such a thing as 'Dining while black'; and that wait staff will give African-Americans poorer service. Do you believe it happens? [POLL]

4) People magazine has named Beyonce as their World's Most Beautiful Woman of 2012. Do you believe she it, or if not, then who? [POLL]

And gals (and yes, some guys), if you want to go "hottest male", we'll count you in too!

5) What’s your favorite quote out of a movie?

Reminder, tomorrow night, Rossi Posse iPod shuffle.

You’ll get a shot to win tickets to see the Somerset patriots on May 17th at 7:05p and after the game a great fireworks show!

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