No angry words from the Governor over the reports of Death Race 2012?

It’s likely he may have used it up for the war of words between himself and Senator Frank Lautenberg.

But the normally outspoken Governor not too outspoken about the reports of Death Race 2012 down the Garden State Parkway.

When asked about the story, the Governor said: "I just shook my head," "What are you going to do? It’s a completely ridiculous story. Shouldn’t have happened. Dumb thing to do, but let me assure you, it’s not the last dumb thing we’ll see happen.”

He chuckled, they chuckled.


Reminds me of the line in my favorite quotable movie, “A Bronx Tale”. Sonny tells young Calogero why it’s better to be feared than loved.

”You see how it is around here. I make a joke, everybody laughs. I know I’m funny, but I’m not that funny!”

Yes, the Governor is a funny guy…just not that funny.

However, it’s apt to say that there’s a streak of anger, of instilling fear in subordinates and foes alike whenever he wants to lay down the law.

Why no anger…why no “fear factor” now?

It would be appropriate, no?

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