The best coffee shop in America is not a Starbucks, nor a Dunkin Donuts, but a place in Philadelphia called Ultimo Coffee Shop which opened in 2009 at 15th and Mifflin Streets and just added a second shop at 22nd and Catherine Street.


What makes the Ultimo tick, according to the article is simplicity and a little bit of love.

As the former owner of 2 New Jersey coffee shops, The Daily Grind in Ocean Grove and Coffee Dot Comedy in Sea Isle City, I can definitely attest to that second part.


With drinking on the decline, more and more people are finding the coffee house can take the place of the local pub where “everybody knows your name” among those who visited us in Ocean Grove was resident Southside Johnny.


Coffee shops not only offer their own personal blends, like craft beers, and food (at Coffee Dot Comedy we named the wraps after radio personalities, our biggest seller ironically was the Dennis and Judi;) and a place to be alone with your thoughts and I Pads, but at night the entertainment comes out to play with folk singers, comedy nights and whatever other quirky events the owner can think of.


Where are the best coffee houses in New Jersey?