By Jeff Deminski:

According to a report on, among the 50 smartest towns in the United States are 3 right here in New Jersey.  Princeton, Hillsborough and Flemington.  How completely self serving these things usually are is confirmed when you read their methodology for this 'study',

Nonetheless, would you be able to break it down?  If you've lived in New Jersey most of your life, you've probably called people idiots while driving a minimum of 18,643 times.  So maybe you know where the non-idiots live?  The good news is we really do have some of the finest schools in the nation here and some of the smartest people anywhere.  But for friendly argument's sake, which no doubt will quickly devolve into phrases like couldn't find their way out of a paper bag, where would you say the smartest people in New Jersey live?  You may leave your opinions in the comment section below.