New York may be trying to cut down on sugary soda, salt, and transfats but they are beefing up on burger joints. In fact, some would say there are all out burger wars!

Flickr user: BrownGuacamole


The burger is taking quite a hit in the war on obesity but I‘ve been enjoying them all through my current 29 pound weight loss. (eat the meat, drop the sugar) In fact they are a staple of the Atkins, South Beach and many other diets.

The secret to a good burger though are the toppings. The “California Burger” cotains lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. Really? Is that all there is? We have so much more imagination here in New Jersey. If you were going to do a “Jersey Burger” what would you put on it?

I’m thinking proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, and roasted red pepper, medium rare please. Then again, how could you do a Jersey Burger without putting a red ripe Jersey tomato on it?

How about you? If you were going to create a “Jersey Burger” what would you put on it?  Let's hear your delicious ideas below in the comments section.