Last week, Michael Vick tweeted a picture of his kitchen table with an open box of dog biscuits on it, concerns were raised over whether or not Vick did indeed have a dog.  The listener response on New Jersey 101.5 as to whether Vick should have a dog was an overwhelming no. If you’re not sure whether he should own a dog, then check out his dog fighting videos on the YouTube.   


Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Nonetheless it did come out this week, after Vick refused to answer the question ,

Saying "I'm here to strictly talk about football," Vick said. "What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about. What's most important now is the Philadelphia Eagles and getting a win this Sunday."  The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who served 21 months in prison does indeed own a dog. He says he did it for his children.


He should hope that those same children who grow to love their new pet shouldn’t one day also visit You Tube to see what their father was capable of.  I use “was’ with a lot of hope, My hope that Vick has come far enough to show restraint should the dog misbehave in any way or should he have a bad day. With the way the Eagles are playing and the punishment Vick is taking both on the field and in the media, Vick has been having a lot of bad days.


With all that being both said and written, if you were going to come up with a name for Michael Vick’s dog, what would it be? Please leave your suggestions below.