With the new year almost here, I'm sure most people's number one priority is to workout more or begin a workout routine.  There are so many options out there for gyms to join and classes to take. Therefore, there is no excuse not to find something you love.  I know I need to keep the workouts fresh and challenging or I will bore easily and choose sleep over the gym.  Unless I find an outstanding gym with a lot of variety, I am not a fan of the long term contracts.  That's how they loop you in and then take your money every month while you are bored and at home.

I personally love to take classes, whether it be zumba, kickboxing, pilates or weights. You have no choice (well I guess you can leave, but usually I don't) but to be there for an hour and when given a routine, you must follow it.  However, if I hear the same songs over and over each week in Zumba class and do the same moves for months, I will get bored and find something new to do.   The same goes for the weights classes.  If they are not challenging, I can use that hour and do some training on my own.  However, the key part of that is motivation once again.  That is why many people choose to hire personal trainers.  I love having a trainer, but it's been awhile since I've worked with one.

When I am not taking a class, I do cardio on my own, usually on the elliptical, which again, can get boring real quickly.  Some gyms have televisions on each piece of equipment which helps tremendously.  Unfortunately, mine does not.  Therefore, the key is the music on my ipod.  Today, I went in armed with all new music and was so motivated, I actually did the treadmill and elliptical for an hour (total).  It was a great workout.  Now my musical taste may not motivate everyone, as today's choice was Broadway show tunes set to a dance beat.  I hadn't listened to show tunes in a long time, so I was excited!  I was sick of the same music on my ipod and even listening to the music service that builds you a playlist around your favorite tunes doesn't do it for me, especially when you're interrupted with commercial ads as your reaching the peak of your workout.

What motivates you to workout? Do you have a certain type of music you like to listen to or maybe you watch movies on your iPad.  I'm always curious to hear how people switch it up, because that is what I feel will keep you at the gym past the first month of your new years resolution.