Lady Gaga, who’s been very open about her marijuana use, smoked a joint on stage in Amsterdam where it is legal.

Rob Kim/Getty Images


She even joked that she wanted to talk to President Obama about legalizing it. With all the entertainer who constantly are brought to the White House to entertain the first family and receive some sort of award, she may get the chance. I hope she does.


So why would the reigning Queen of Pop do such a thing? Perhaps she did it to upstage Madonna who has sort of declared war on her when she does her concerts. Madonna has taken to flashing her audience so maybe she did it to raise the bar.


Maybe she did it for the publicity. Maybe she did it for her image. Marijuana legalization is a hot button issue that resonates with people of all ages. Lady Gaga took stand, albeit a safe one by lighting up in a place where you can’t get arrested for it, but a stand nonetheless. Lighting up a joint onstage wins on both counts.


As for the people who are criticizing Gaga about the message it sends to her younger fans. I think the message is “This is how I feel and I’m not afraid to stand up and light up for what I believe in.” That is a message I have no problem with my young sons receiving loud and clear. Hopefully by the time they grow up, they’ll be able to light up in this country as well.