Dogs express their emotions, just like us humans, but in different ways.


Getty Images / Hulton Archive

A recent article in "Prevention" Magazine says that our K-9 friends talk to us through their body language.

Dog behaviorists observe that the way a pooch wags their tail tells us something.  For instance, if the wag is to the right it's a good feeling like if Fido was getting a treat.  A wag to the left means uncertainty.

Canine behaviorists say different types of barks translate to what a dog is thinking.  There are barks that sound alarming.  Countless times dogs have warned their masters of fire or someone in need of help.  There are also playful barks and aggressive barks when the dog feels threatened.

How many times have you seen a dog roll around on their back?  The Humane Society says, if you can believe it, they are picking up a pleasing scent.

And, when a dog yawns it doesn't mean they're tired.  The experts say it's a sign of stress.  That's something all of us can understand.