Autographs usually make a fan's day. For anyone who is a big fan of a public figure, getting them to put their signature on something you own is a validating experience. What are some cool autographs you own?

My coolest autograph would have to be a signed copy of Clarence Clemons' book, "Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales". he voluntarily signed the book after I interviewed him a few years ago, and he included a thank you message above his name because of how happy he was with the way the interview went. I'll never forget it.

Some of our listeners special autographs are:

  • Donna in Brick - A Dale Earnhardt autograph.
  • Chris in Hunterdon County - A golf ball with signatures by Sean Connery, Joe Pesci and more.
  • Suzyn in Manalapan - A Bruce Springsteen autograph.
  • Barbara in Oceanport - A signed Tim Tebow football
  • Bobby in Bound Brook - Phil Collins signed his Genesis tattoo, the next day, Bobby had the signature tattooed on.

What are the coolest autographs you own? Let us know in the comment section below.