Each of the 50 states is known for having a particular personality trait associated with it. Some states are known to have more rowdy people living there, while others are recognized for their friendliness. If you've ever been curious as to which state you would fit in best, there is a way you can find out.


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

 Time Magazine has developed a quiz that will determine which of the 50 states your personality matches up with. The quiz consists of 10 personality traits, and asks you to rate each from 1 to 7; a rating of 1 means the reader strongly disagrees with the trait, and a rating of 7 means the reader strongly agrees with the trait. The test questions the reader's anxiety levels, creativity, and enthusiasm, along with other traits.

There's also an interactive map, which is color coded based on the overall personalities of each state. There are three categories: green, orange, and blue. A green state is relaxed and creative, an orange state is friendly and conventional, while a blue state is temperamental and uninhibited. You can rollover each state to find out more details about the personality traits associated with each state.

Can you guess how New Jersey compared to other states? Take the quiz yourself to find out which state you belong in, and check out the map to learn more about the personality profiles of other states.

Click here to play along and find out which state your mood would best fit in with.