Ever have neighbors that you just don't get along with and you've gone out of your way to annoy them? We bet whatever you've done doesn't quite compare to one homeowner in Denville.

Jimmy From Staten Island

Dennis and Judi thought they heard it all when one caller, Jimmy from Staten Island got even with his annoying neighbors by creating a big flag with his face on it for every holiday, as pictured above.

But a recent story about a house in Denville looks like it has outdone Jimmy from Staten Island. The owner, John Pinto, had painted his house purple, must to the dismay and complaining of his neighbors. After complaints about the color, Pinto decided to attach bright pink ribbons to the side and front of the house, in what he said was in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The neighbors aren't buying it and are upset over the new artwork. Do you think they have a gripe? Or are both sides just being unreasonable?

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