When you decide to go out to eat in public, you're always taking a chance. Whether it be finding something unpleasant in your food, someone with no manners, or something worse. Has anything ever been so terrible that you weren't able to continue eating?

I have seen people literally sneeze into their food and continue to eat. I've found weird things in my food as well. In both instances, it made it hard to continue eating. When I found an ant in my food, I simply sent it back and got another meal. For some reason, I trusted the restaurant and thought nothing of it.

I do have one phobia though. It isn't necessarily gross or anything. Whenever I'm out and I see old people eating alone, I lose my appetite. I know this phobia (if you could even classify it as one) is a strange one, but I've heard other people say they have the same problem. Maybe it's a sign that I actually do have some compassion.

What are some problems that cause you to not be able to continue eating?