Not only is it time to break out the Christmas tunes (which is what we’ll be doing this weekend), but time to gather around the TV to keep up tradition and watch the shows that make the holiday complete.

Sad though, isn’t it. To say, “…make the holiday complete!”…but do you ever feel like the holiday wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t watch “such and such” a Christmas show.

For instance, I got it saved in my calendar to set the DVR for 8 PM Saturday to record “It’s a Wonderful Life.” My sisters reminded me this past weekend – and even though we’ve seen the now 67 year old movie about 150 times – Christmas isn’t complete without watching it.

Same goes for "Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol."

I would never have known about “A Christmas Carol” had it not been for Mr. Magoo. So watching it brings me back to a simpler time.

Ditto “ A Charlie Brown Christmas” – or later on “A Christmas Story.”

You can check out this list and gather everyone around the 67 inch flat screen with cocoa in hand.
The parade of Christmas shows has just begun!

And if you’re a fan of “It’s a Wonderful Life” – get out the hankies and prepare yourself for the final scene:

Which Christmas shows must you watch each year?