A couple of items about office life caught my eye today. The first, a study from the University of Sydney says that the number one complaint of cubicle workers is the lack of sound privacy, or that everyone can hear you on the phone and you can hear everyone else, too. Things like cleanliness and comfortable furniture were, perhaps surprisingly, very low on the annoyance list. The second article was on Parade.com and it has ten pieces of advice to avoid being the jerk at work; they don't phrase it that way, but that's what they mean. They do warn you to stop checking your email so much, stop being so negative, and to quit gossiping, among the ten suggestions.

I can get behind the University of Sydney study, though. My desk here is about thirty feet from the break/lunch area and when the rest of the staff all eat at the same time, it gets really loud; so loud that it is virtually impossible to concentrate on anything. Of course, if they are all eating at noon, that is prime prep time for the show. Then again, maybe I'm just being too negative.

What are the biggest complaints in your workplace? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.