Wednesday morning, we asked: Are you smarter than a fourth-grader? Or at least smarter than the New Jersey 101.5 morning crew?

New Jersey Traffic South's own Jill Myra had issues the other day helping her son with his homework. She thought bringing the problem in for the rest us to try out might help — which of course, was a bad move. Lots of us gave the wrong answers.

But we promised anyone who signed up for the NJ101.5 newsletter the right one, so let's walk through the math:

First, we've got to figure out how many medals there are all together. If there are 194 each of gold, silver and bronze, that's 582 medals.

We know 32 kids got two medals. So that group of 32 (let's call them the Star Athletes) accounts for 64 medals, because 32x2=64. Still with us?

But not everyone's a Star Athlete. The rest of the kids still got one medal each. So how many medals are left? We take our 582 total medals and subtract out the 64 that went to the Stars: 518. That's 518 medals left for a 518 kids. Those are the ones who, apparently, got medals just for showing up. Sigh. We'll call their group the Participation Trophy Brigade.

So we've got 32 kids in the Star Athletes, and 518 in the PTB. Add them together, and that's 550.

Did you get it right?

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