OK, so it snowed last Saturday the 21st.  After a few days, the nice, white snow starts looking a little...not so nice.

Roads were cleared right away....the snow pushed into piles along the side of the roads and parking lots.  Monday night, yes night, was warm enough that by Tuesday morning in North and Central Jersey, yards were green again.  The snow was but a memory...except for the getting-smaller-all-the-time snow piles created by the plows.

Thursday...it was cold and rainy.  And the old snow was trying to melt.

Friday, it was cold and very windy.  And the old snow was trying to melt. More.

Yesterday (Saturday), it was partly sunny and pushing 50 degrees. The basketball court cleared!

This afternoon? Sunday.  I was hoping to see a totally clear parking lot...

...but it was not meant to be. Maybe, if we all sing "I Melt With You" by Modern English? Real LOUD!!

Well anyway...from this reverse angle, we can see that its trying to make itself scarce! Sing on!

With the exception of the gray stuff in parking lots, do you miss the snow?  Do you want more? Post below!

Will we see more snow in the coming days?  Meteorologist Alan Kasper keeps his eye on "Mother Nature." Get Alan's 5-Day forecast anytime, here at nj1015.com.  And, remember, we're here for you when the snow flies. And, every other day!

Come on, spring! Seriously.