Watching all the news unfold of Joe Paterno's firing last night I thought this would be the cap on what has been a very ugly few days at the University. Apparently it seems that this is only the beginning of the healing.

The mayhem that unfolded after the announcement was extremely upsetting but not surprising.

What disturbs me about this whole thing is that Penn State students and alumni are throwing their support behind Paterno, the face of the University, an icon and someone who had no regard for a child that was put in harm's way by an animal named Jerry Sandusky. Students rioted in the streets at the University to show their anger over the firing. Where was all the anger for the helpless kid that was sexually abused by  Sandusky, the former defensive coordinator and longtime friend of Paterno?

The frightening thing is that most of the students that were rallying around Paterno the past few days were the same age as Sandusky's victim back when this was taking place. All these students got to grow up, lead mostly normal lives. The victim never had a shot to lead a normal life because everything that happened was hidden under miles of secrecy, paperwork and red tape. There may be more victims who haven't even come forward because of fear and embarrassment. Where's the rally for any of them?

Paterno had every opportunity to make this right and never did. All Paterno could do was make it about his storied career. It's been about him from the start and it ended being about him last night. After the firing, he came outside of his house, addressed the media and a handful of students who gathered in front of his home.

"Thanks for the support and pray a little for those victims" Paterno says. Maybe we need to pray for Paterno and the Penn State students and fans who follow him blindly. They all are Penn State and they all just don't get it.