Most people have a received a bad Christmas gift or two in their time, but this may be one of the funniest reactions you will see to receiving a bad Christmas gift. According to the video, a family member bought a Sydney Crosby jersey for their son but it was too small. Since they couldn't return it, they gave it to their nephew, who just happens to be a Flyers fan.

Now anyone who knows hockey, is aware that Flyers fan and Penguins fans do not mix. Especially when it comes to the Penguins captain, Sydney Crosby. Crosby is public enemy #1 when it comes to Flyers fans. So how do you think a Flyers fan would react to getting a Sydney Crosby jersey for Christmas?

Watch the boy's reaction to see for yourself. Santa could've given this kid coal and he may have been happier about it! We're thinking this will be a re-gift before you know it!