A child’s first steps are always precious. Now imagine if the child had a foot and one of his legs amputated.

You’d be astounded, and also overcome with joy at what that child has been able to accomplish.
Such is the story of Kayden Kinckle, whose video had gone viral on Youtube, showing him taking his first steps after the operations which were necessitated after the child was born with amniotic band syndrome, in which blood flow is restricted, affecting his legs and feet.

After the child’s foot was amputated along with his left leg above the knee, he still managed to crawl around his home.

Kayden’s mom, Nikki, meant for the video to be seen by friends and family, never realizing that it would garner as many as 125, 000 shares on Facebook – and reach folks like Jets quarterback Michael Vick who posted it as well with a Bible verse: “For with God nothing shall be impossible. “I got it I got it LOL.’’

Kayden was born with a birth defect in which his bladder, liver and intestines were outside his body. It corrected with two surgeries shortly after birth. He also suffered another birth defect, amniotic band syndrome, in which blood flow is restricted, affecting his legs and feet. In fact, Kinckle said, the family never saw his feet in ultrasounds taken during her pregnancy.

In January, Kayden’s right foot was amputated, as well as the left leg above the knee. However, the toddler has managed to crawl around his Englewood home and even shoots a basketball into a pint-size hoop set up in the living room, his mother said.

Kayden was fitted with tiny prosthetics and used a walker with the help of a physical therapist. The video, taken on Friday, marked the first time he walked alone.

Nikki recalled when her obstetrician alerted her of Kayden’s birth defects when she was four months pregnant. He offered her a referral for an abortion, an option that she said never crossed her mind.
“We are going to trust God and be faithful and accept whatever happened,’’ she said.

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