Great day, in the company of great friends – and a good bottle of wine to go along with it all.

So a buddy of mine suggests we check out Papa’s in Robbinsville – billed as the oldest pizza establishment in the USA.

I was skeptical at first – having been to a couple that claimed the same – but was immediately swayed by Nick and company.

Nick is Nick Azzaro – the owner and chief chef at Papa’s.

He greets you with a warm smile and a welcoming demeanor – sort of like the slogan they use in the “Olive Garden” commercials – only his is real!

Surrounding the place are pictures of a young Nick kneading the dough at the original Papa’s on Chambers St. in the ‘burg!

So it was with great delight that I got to handle the dough in the back – something I hadn’t done since my family left the bakery business some years back.

Watching over me were Mike the baker and his wonderful wait staff.
So there I am stretching the dough, and handling the “piel” (the thing you use to move the pizza around in the oven.

It had been a while, but he took me back to a time when I was reminded that flour – not blood – runs through my veins.

Great afternoon – good company – and pizza or tomato pie that was out of this world.

If you stop by, be sure to say hi to Nick. You won’t miss him. He’s the guy who looks like an Italian crooner from back in the day.