Gov. Chris Christie will meet the press for the second time in two days at the Statehouse on Tuesday, this time to talk about efforts to address lead in water. You can watch the press conference here, which is scheduled to start at 2 p.m.

The discovery of lead in 30 buildings used by the Newark school district has brought attention to lead in the water across New Jersey. Lawmakers are looking to pass legislation that would require testing the water supply for all New Jersey schools.

Before lead was discovered in Newark, Christie cut $10 million from his proposed state budget to fund the state's Hazard Control Assistance Fund.

The proposed measure would provide more than $20 million for both testing and water filters. Once officials understand the scope of the problem, the lawmakers said they would address the larger and far more expensive challenge of helping schools to replace old pipes and fixtures that often cause of contamination.

Lead was also found in the private water supply for Morristown Medical Center.

Christie held a news conference Monday to discuss the financial situation in Atlantic City.

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