By now, you must know about the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS ("Lou Gehrig's Disease"). Talk about something that has gone viral!

I first heard about it last Saturday morning, as I was driving back to New Jersey 101.5, from my vacation in Ocean CityNJ. I was listening to Matt Ryan's (and Townsquare Media's) "Pop Crush Top 20 Countdown" on our sister station, SoJO 104.9. Matt did a segment on this new phenomenon...and just the sound of it happening on the radio was compelling...

Moving forward to Wednesday afternoon, I'm checking my social media, I don't live on facebook...only to see that Bernie Wagenblast has challenged me...and as I am seeing it the next afternoon...I have to scramble, as I only have a few hours left to fulfill this "cold" challenge!

While I'm at the gym...running on the treadmill...I'm debating who to challenge....

That's my bag of ice on top, in the store display case! (Craig Allen photo).

...and thankfully, the "ice store" is right next door to my there is now no time to waste!

The whole bag of ice goes in... (Craig Allen photo).

Turning a bucket of cold water into....much colder water...

My neighbor(s) Helen shot the video with my iPhone...and Jerry got the "job" (and he loved every moment of it) of "dunking" "DJ Craig!"

A few "off the cuff remarks" captured in the "aftermath..."

Thanks, Bernie for the challenge....and thanks go out to my Saturday afternoon "NJ Fast Traffic"  buddy Andrew Torres for publicly accepting my challenge, and getting his whole family involved in the fun!

Among my other co-workers who have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge (and I have seen their videos): Eric Scott, Matt Ryan from 94.3 The Point, and Tom Morgan from SoJO 104.9...and if I haven't seen your video (and have left you out), my apologies....please enter and sign in...

And, I hear that Big Joe Henry is going to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge tomorrow night (Sunday Night), after the "Big Joe Jersey Talent Show," at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach!

That's going to be one BIG bucket!

Your author and Callie, the ice-eating dog, on a warmer, drier day! (Craig Allen photo archives).