So I got a lot of grief last time I threw out a first pitch at a ballgame. Ever since, I've been saying on air that I'm going to redeem myself that next time I got the opportunity to throw a first pitch.

Well, Tuesday night redemption finally came! I had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at TD Bank Ballpark with the Somerset Patriots and I think I did much better this time around!

This time, before the pitch, I had a little counsel., sort of. I got to meet MLB great, Sparky Lyle. Apparently one of our reporters at Chasing News, Jessica Nutt met Sparky as well and mentioned that I had a little trouble in the past getting the ball over the plate. What advice did Sparky give? Sparky said "aim for the nose."  So I did and it worked!

Watch the pitch below and let me know if you think it is much improved over last time.

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